Seaside Provisions

Guests from the world over have come to expect a dynamic culinary experience in this West Coast styled seafood grill that always delivers hospitality and fun. Located at the North Shore waterfront off the bustling Seaside Hotel, this iconic North Vancouver restaurant is conveniently located where locals and visitors alike come to enjoy the best food in town, complemented by an award-winning wine list and a uniquely personal level of service and hospitality.

Regional creations sourced locally and perfected for your table, morning meals and midday brunches, bespoke cocktails of enduring style and substance, and excellent company into the late hours of the night. Warm, welcoming, and full of energy from open to close.

With a magnificent raw bar showing off the pride of our dining experience or the warm hearth calling you, we’re proud of what we’re all about. Slide up to the bar and get to know the chefs while they put together your meal. With us, you’re always a regular, and we want to treat you like it. No matter when you stop by, we seamlessly transition through the day and into the evening: we always have something going on.