Alouette Bistro

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, located in the Executive Hotel Le Soleil, Alouette Bistro transports diners on a culinary journey reminiscent of the charming streets of Old Paris. Our French-inspired restaurant captures the essence of traditional bistro culture with a West Coast twist. From the moment you step inside, Alouette Bistro envelops you in an ambiance that seamlessly marries rustic elegance with urban chic.

The menu at Alouette Bistro consists of classic French flavors executed with modern finesse. From the delicate silkiness of Escargot drenched in garlic butter to the robust aromas of Coq au Vin, each plate is a masterpiece that beckons you to savor every bite. The culinary team meticulously crafts each dish using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, ensuring a fusion of authenticity and sustainability.

As you explore the diverse offerings on the menu, allow Alouette Bistro’s curated wine selection to elevate your dining experience. With an emphasis on French vintages, the wine list presents a harmonious accompaniment to the culinary creations. 

Whether you’re sipping a velvety Bordeaux alongside Côte de Boeuf  or enjoying a crisp Chardonnay that accentuates the flavors of Seared Halibut, the marriage of food and wine at Alouette Bistro is like none other.

With its inviting atmosphere, delectable cuisine, and dedication to the French culinary tradition, Alouette Bistro stands as a must see in the bustling landscape of Downtown Vancouver.